About Faemalia

Beautiful Nude Petite Women

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That’s all we do. We admire them and teach you how to create your own beautiful nudes as well, should you so desire to be an artist of the highest calibre and best taste. We use Blender, a free software application to model, texture, pose, and finally render all the images you see here.

If you want to get and learn Blender, you can start here. This is the first step to learning how to make beautiful 3D women of your own.

Next, begin down the long, rewarding road of learning how to rig. A good start is to look up Dikko on Youtube and Royal Skies LLC, also on Youtube.

If you just want to see more 3D nude petite women, there are several galleries over on faemalia.com.

A quicker way is just to buy a character from Philo Vivero on Gumroad. Pick one. Any one. You should have basic anatomy understanding, and have played with Blender for a few days.

Next, join the Discord to ask questions and get help!

66p right 66p left You may also email Philo Vivero directly at gmail if you desire, though it’s preferred you first join the Discord to talk to the community.

About the Girls on this Page

The surfer girl is named Monette Taida.

The faerie girl is named Tailey Fang.

The nude girl with golden foil is named Princess Verachantesse.