Rigging Females With Blender: Neck

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The neck, thankfully, is not a terribly difficult “joint” to rig, but it does have at least three interesting/complex sets of bones with constraints, so let’s go over those!

The banner image here is of Zandeya, a newer character. The images in the page are of Verachantesse. The tutorial uses Monette Taida, the surfer girl featured in the other tutorials. All three characters feature the exact same neck rig, modified slightly for their differing proportions.

Supporting Me

If you would like to support the free work I do, the extensive videos and documentation, and the community Discord server (click here to get in!) please head over to my Flipped Normals and either buy a character, or a tutorial. Just spend whatever amount of money you feel equals the value I bring to the world. I also have a Gumroad page and ArtStation page.

Images On This Page

The images are of Princess Verachantesse, whose neck rig is up-to-date. The technical overview and full tutorial uses the character Monette Taida. All characters can be purchased from my Gumroad page, philovivero.gumroad.com. Or, my newer, prettier store on FlippedNormals.

Lesson Sessions

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  1. (15m55s) Free Technical Overview: Hierarchy and Relationships and Constraints also available on Youtube.
  2. (15m57s) Trapezius top and bottom with constraints, copy location and stretch to.
  3. (10m45s) SternoCleidoMastoid addition and ensuring everything is a proper child of things.
  4. (9m29s) Throat stretch bones and making more pronounced the sternocleidomastoids.

Bone Hierarchy

Here is the Hierarchy of the neck rig:

  • mch-neck
    • mch-throatStretchTarget
  • def-jaw
    • def-throatTop
      • def-throatBottom
  • def-head
    • def-earMaster.L,R
      • mch-sternocleidomastoidStretch.L,R
    • various skull bones for capturing weight of skull
  • ctrl-chestResize
    • def-trapeziusBottom.L
    • def-sternocleidomastoid.L,R
      • def-trapeziusTop.L
      • def-sternocleidomastoid.L,R.001
  • def-clavicle.L,R
    • mch-TrapeziusStretchTo.L,R

Educational Offerings

30p left 30p right We have two offerings. The first is a ~15-minute free technical overview video. This includes all the bones, their relationships, constraints, and some discussion. The second is a long-form lesson where we place all the bones from scratch.