Rigging the Female Nude With Blender: Workspace Setup

45p left 45p right

In this video, I go over how I’ll do the course, the two-video-per-section structure. Also how I do workspace layouts: the core views that are very useful.

One workspace with 3 3D views, a somewhat non-cluttered in the upper left, a full one in the upper right, and a very clean one in the lower right. Also the outliner and properties and subdivision properties, since these will be used all the time. Default pose on frame 0, other poses on other frames.

Another workspace has a camera view in the center, and then four material previews: two from the front, two from behind. This will allow us to check poses from many angles simultaneously.

If you’re using a workstation without a numeric keypad, such as a Mac, we’ll go over some useful keybindings.

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